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Coaching is an approach to assisting other, usually less experienced, in acquiring new or additional skills and in improving their performance.

Coaching is used with learners who need direction and supervision because they may be inexperienced in some areas. Coaching also provides support and praise to build self-esteem and involvement in decision making. Effective coaching also enables the experienced learner to increase his/her commitment to doing a good job.

You don’t have to be a trainer to act as coach in the workplace. Identifying gaps in performance, developing and providing coach sessions to fill those gaps and giving good feedback is good business.

Anyone who knows the job; has good communication skills; and is willing to share can be a good coach.


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe what coaching is and identify what constitutes good coaching

  • Demonstrate the use of a coaching model

  • Plan and document a coaching session

  • Describe how people learn and identify strategies to assist the learner

  • Participate in skills practice, demonstrating skills and strategies utilised in workplace coaching

  • Complete a self assessment and personal development plan for ongoing learning


For Workplace Groups

  • Individuals who have the desire to be an effective coach in the workplace


This workshop can be run over one full day or a half day


Full Day Workshop Rate

  • $3200 + GST

Half Day Workshop Rate

  • $1800 + GST

Our workbooks are printed in full colour and are wire bound and cost $25 + gst per person, these will include copies of the slides presented on the day and supporting resources.​


Our straightforward approach is specifically tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We offer practical solutions that will improve the dynamics and enhance the productivity of your business.​

  • The workshop will be contexualised to your workplace;

  • Training personnel are highly qualified and experienced;

  • We provide you with the best support and encouragement;

  • Training can be delivered on site at your workplace;

  • Training resources are of the highest standard;

  • We are flexible to take into account your requirements.

We aim is to assist and support our clients in a safe, non-threatening environment to achieve their business goals. We always strive to be flexible and make decisions quickly to support the client’s changing needs.


McMillan will provide our clients a highly experienced trainer who will spend time during an initial consultation to gain an understanding of your requirements, the desired outcomes, the reason behind needing the training. From there we will contextualize our the workshop to meet the outcomes required.


Our trainers will develop workbooks, powerpoints and supporting resources.

On the conclusion of the workshop, evaluation forms will be distributed to all participants for completion. From the information gathered, we will compile an evaluation report which is forwarded on to the course organizer.


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