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Leading Your Team Through Change Training

Course Overview

Leading Your Team Through Change is an essential training course for Team Leaders or Managers. They will learn what it takes to plan for and implement change in the workplace.

This course delivers the crucial change management tools and techniques necessary for successfully planning for and implementing change in the workplace. The course covers how to make organisational change work – how to ensure a smooth, successful transition from ‘the old way’ to ‘the new way’.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of change
  • Recognise positive and negative consequences of change
  • Analyse how people respond to change and develop strategies for motivating people to change
  • Analyse changes that are currently affecting organisations
  • Develop strategies for gaining co-operation and commitment from team members
  • Explore essential skills and attitudes needed to successfully manage and change initiative
  • Create an action plan to successfully manage change in your workplace.

Target Audience

Team leaders or Managers who would like to effectively lead their teams through change


This course can be tailored to business needs and can be run over one full day or a half day

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