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Frequently Asked Questions - Short Courses

Frequently Asked Questions


How will McMillan meet our needs?

McMillan prides itself on its expertise and experience in delivering tailored services to clients. We believe that initial consultation is vital to all projects to understand the key objectives of the client so McMillan can use its well-developed project management tools, industry knowledge and training experience to meet these requirements.

Where is the training delivered?

Training can be delivered onsite at client’s in house training facilities or at an agreed offsite venue.

What is the structure of the courses?

For our one day courses we will always commence with a welcome, housekeeping responsibilities and an overview of the course with the key outcomes. The day is then filled with our trainer presenting information on a topic using a variety of methods including, group or individual activities, theory and these are supported by visual aids including powerpoint, handouts, video, and supporting resources.

How many participants can come to a course?

The maximum for a class is 18 participants.  For some courses, it is better to have a maximum of 12 participants to ensure there is time for practice and feedback (ie. Giving and Receiving Feedback, Interview Skills and Resume Writing)

There is no minimum; the daily rate will still apply.

How much are the courses? What do I get for this price?

Our daily rate is $3,200 + gst and our half day rate is $1,800 + gst

For this McMillan will provide our clients a highly experienced trainer who will spend time during an initial consultation to gain an understanding of your requirements, the desired outcomes, the reason behind needing the training. From there we will contextualize our existing material to meet the outcomes required. Our trainers will write up session plans, develop workbooks, powerpoints and supporting resources.

On the conclusion of the course, McMillan will distribute learner questionnaires to all participants. From the information gathered, we will compile an evaluation report which is forwarded on to the course organizer.

Are there any extra costs?

Our workbooks are printed in full colour and are wire bound and cost $25 + gst per person, these will include copies of the slides presented on the day and supporting resources.

Should we not have a course on our list, we would be happy to design and write a course to meet the desired outcomes. Our daily rate for these services is $1,800 + gst.

What is your experience in delivering courses?

McMillan has been delivering training and assessment services to clients in Canberra since 1989. We have worked with a number of public and private sector clients over this time. Please have a read through some of our testimonials!

How experienced are your trainers?

All McMillan trainers bring a wealth of industry knowledge and life experiences to their training sessions. McMillan ensures that all trainers are fully qualified for the services they are delivering.

What if I want to combine topics from a variety of courses?

Of course, this is a great idea. If you have a few issues or topics you’d like covered in a tailor made session we can certainly do this. Our daily rate would still apply for delivery. We will then charge just a little extra to design a specific training course to meet your needs. Our daily rate for these services is $1,800 + gst.

Good solid course, loved the time management, leading others and effective teams.

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Participants attending McMillan courses will experience a different kind of learning that produces transformation in not only their attitude but also in the way they apply the information.


McMillan can tailor and customise all of our Qualifications and Short Courses to ensure that students understand the direct application of learning and have a great impact directly in the Department.

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