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RTO Partnership

RTO Partnership (Auspice arrangement)

McMillan has extensive experience over the past 15 years in offering RTO Partnership arrangements  to our clients. This means we become our clients training partner to manage the delivery of Nationally Recognised Training.

McMillan sets up and manages RTO functions for our Partners.   We work closely with our Partners to align training to the national system whilst ensuring that the training focus remains on the students needs.

Major advantages become available to the Partner when linked to the National Training system. The Partner can offer accredited courses and qualifications to existing clients, students or employees. Students undertaking a qualification can be confident that the skills they attain are of a high quality and accepted and valued anywhere in Australia.

Establishing an RTO Partnership with McMillan provides an opportunity to:

  • Share expertise, competencies and best practice;
  • Deliver training specifically aligned to your business needs;
  • Utilise the skills and knowledge held internally by subject matter experts from within the business;
  • Provide training  and assessment that is aligned to National Industry Standards;
  • Reduce costs, by achieving economies of scale while using the distinctive capacities of each partner;
  • Innovate, by bringing together different technologies and approaches to form new goods and services;
  • Deliver training at a time and place best suited to the organisation;
  • Develop holistic assessment solutions that include normal business systems as much as possible; and
  • Promote and improve communication between diverse groups.

McMillan Services include:

  • Expert advice in the development of your training and assessment resources and systems;
  • Validation of your training materials, supporting resource materials and assessment tools;
  • Verification that delivery and assessment staff are suitably qualified;
  • Training of TAE40110 to your existing subject matter experts;
  • Providing feedback on your delivery and assessment processes;
  • Providing up to date information on changes within the VET sector;
  • Access to regular ongoing support and advice to your training team;
  • Access to existing training and assessment resources across a range of qualifications;
  • Providing templates for qualification administration;
  • Applications to extend scope of service;
  • Maintenance of students records;
  • Providing student support services;
  • Issuing a Statement of Attainment or Qualification; and
  • Undertaking student evaluation and reporting;

Our clients range from:

  • Large Organisations and Government Departments delivering enterprise specific training to their employees, whilst obtaining government funding for new employees
  • Training Organisations wanting to offer Nationally Accredited training options to their clients; and
  • Trainers and Assessors who want to work independently whilst still being able to deliver nationally accredited training.

McMillan has a wide scope of registration, but if you are planning to deliver a qualification that we are not currently scoped for we can work with you to add qualifications to our scope.

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If you are considering an RTO Partnership arrangement at your workplace or if you are a qualified trainer and assessor, submit your details below and we will be in contact with you immediately.

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