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Qualification Training and Assessment Strategy

Program Learning and Assessment Strategy

This program is aligned to nationally recognised qualifications therefore the learning content must cover the requirements of the qualifications as determined by the Australian Qualifications Framework. Nationally recognised qualifications also require assessment processes to ensure that the requirements of the qualification have been met by the person undertaking the qualification.

Consultation and Enrolment

McMillan will consult with you to identify specific needs and to select appropriate elective units.  McMillan will then tailor the qualification program to meet your needs.

Participant Induction

All participants will be given an induction into the program prior to commencing the learning.  The induction explains all about the learning and assessment information, process and support available.  On completion of the induction session the participants will be confident to commence their learning.

Training and Support

On registration into the program participants will receive all their learning resources. Learning resources will include a learning binder, unit learning resources and unit assessment tools. Training and assessment resources can be provided to through workbooks or online learning to suit your preferred learning style.

Participants will receive real support from McMillan when completing their qualification. Participants will receive ongoing support from their personal trainer and assessor throughout the course of their qualification.  Participants will also have access to their program facilitator via telephone or email for the duration of the program.

If your organisation has a number of participants completing the same qualification McMillan can conduct group workshops at your premises.  This training will be customised and contextualised to meet your organisation’s needs.


Participants are required to reflect on the topics covered and how they apply to their current work practices.  They are also encouraged to discuss the topics with their supervisor and colleagues to gain a broader understanding.


As a formal component of the Qualification process, each participant will be assessed to make sure they meet the requirements of the qualification.

McMillan will provide participants with a checklist, and/or workplace activities to complete to gather evidence. Participants will then present their evidence to a qualified McMillan assessor.  McMillan will provide participants with feedback on how they are going and set action plans to help them succeed.  Assessment will be conducted according to an agreed timetable.

The Program in Brief

McMillan nationally accredited qualifications offer value through:

  • Consultation and Enrolment
  • Participant induction
  • Training and support
  • Regular monitoring of participants’ progress
  • Regular assessment sessions
  • Completion and Certification


Very well put together course and content. Excellent facilitator and provide willing to adapt learning to suit individual needs, much appreciated.

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Participants attending McMillan courses will experience a different kind of learning that produces transformation in not only their attitude but also in the way they apply the information.


McMillan can tailor and customise all of our Qualifications and Short Courses to ensure that students understand the direct application of learning and have a great impact directly in the Department.

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