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Management Development Program

Management Development Program


The program will continue to be a broadly based development program aligned with the Certificate IV or Diploma qualification.  The training will cover the competencies required to be an effective team member and potential leader in the workplace.

Program content and assessments will remain completely contextualised to the students workplaces, ensuring clear alignment with the vision of a workplace or Department, current business and strategic plans.  As a result, students will be able to see the relevance of the training and have maximum opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained from the program back in the workplace.

A summary of McMillan’s approach for the Management Development Program

McMillan will provide a three phase approach to the program:

  • Component 1:  Inception meeting, design and planning of the training program
  • Component 2:  Management and delivery of the training program
  • Component 3:  Evaluation and continuous improvement of the program

Component 1:  Inception meeting, design and planning of the training program

In consultation with a Workplace or Department, McMillan will design the training program. Outputs include:

  • Planning the Management Development Program
  • Establishing a timeline for the entire training program
  • Setting up a timetable for the training blocks as part of the Development Program
  • Designing the evaluation plan to measure outcomes
  • Designing qualification assessments

Component 2:  Management and delivery of the training program

McMillan will deliver and manage the training program. Outputs include:

  • Delivery of training
  • Administration of the Certificate IV or Diploma Qualifications
  • Facilitation of the Major Project
  • Conducting supervisor briefings
  • Conducting student and supervisor contact

In addition to delivery of training  McMillan will offer individual career coaching sessions for students.  These sessions will be provided on an ‘as requested’ basis and are not a mandatory component of the training program.  The sessions will be charged at an additional cost to the overall program costs – refer Costs section.

To find out about unit selection, pathways and qualification overview please click the links under Price.

Component 3: Evaluation and continuous improvement of the program

McMillan will undertake a range of evaluation strategies including:

  • Regular verbal debriefs on progress, problems or issues to the Workplace Coordinator, Students
  • Design and delivery of evaluations of each of the training modules
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the program at its conclusion, drawing on the data collected through the program together with results from the final evaluation questionnaire


Approximately 12 months


$4900 per person

Career Coaching Sessions

$275 (+GST) per person

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