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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Q. Which units can I choose for my qualification?

A. The list of units you can choose for the particular qualification that you are interested in can be accessed by clicking on the qualification link on the previous page.

Q. How can I get more information regarding what is in each unit?

A. The training website,, gives a greater depth of information about each qualification and units within each qualification. Otherwise call a McMillan consultant on (02) 6230 0266, or submit a enquiry using the form on each qualification page.

Q. There is a particular unit I would like to study that is not on the list of units for the McMillan qualification that I’m interested in. Can I still choose that unit?

A. Most qualifications allow some flexibility to include a unit that may be related but is not listed. If there is a particular unit you’re interested in that is not listed then ask your trainer about the possibility of getting that unit included.

Q. What support do you provide for your learners?

A. For our qualifications we offer a range of support structures to assist you in your learning experience with us. Primarily you will have a trainer/assessor appointed to you. That trainer assessor will initially contact you on registration and talk you through the unit selections. They will then work closely with you to develop a learning schedule that suits your lifestyle, work commitments, and learning goals. Once you commence working through the units, the trainer/assessor will contact you via phone email or face to face on a monthly basis (unless otherwise negotiated with you) and provide any support and assistance with your units. You will have access to your trainer/assessor via phone and email in between the monthly contacts. Any calls or emails from to your assessor/trainer will be responded within 48 hours.

Q. How do the assessments work?

A. Each unit in a qualification will require you to complete a portfolio of evidence, including questions, activities, projects or workplace evidence to demonstrate your competency in the unit.  Your trainer/assessor will notify you of your assessment results with 7 days of receiving your assessment.

Q. What happens if my submitted work is not good enough?

A. All assessment activities are assessed as either Competent (C), if it meets the requirements of the unit, or Not Yet Competent (NYC), if there is a gap between the requirements of the unit and the work submitted. If, for any reason, you are deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC) for any of the activities, your trainer/assessor will work with you in identifying gaps in the assessment and provide direction and support in bridging the gap and meeting competency.

Q What happens if I don't complete my qualification within the 12 month period?

A. Generally most qualifications are completed within 12 months, however we can extend it to 24 months, if required.

Q. Are there any extra costs associated with this qualification?

A. There are no hidden additional costs in the McMillan qualifications. The price of our qualification encompasses all costs associated with this qualification

Q. What payment methods do you offer?

A. For ease of payment, we offer direct deposit through electronic funds transfer, or via credit card payment - more information

Q. What else do I need to know about training with McMillan?

A. For even more information here is a link to our Student Handbook

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