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McMillan offers qualifications that specialize in general business, business administration, government, human resources; customer contact and sales.

Introduction to Qualifications

Today’s qualifications are very flexible and have been developed to match workplace activities, giving you a real career advantage. At McMillan we pride ourselves on client service and ongoing support.  A highly skilled trainer will work with you to customise your learning program.  Once you begin training, a dedicated trainer will always make sure you are getting the support you need.

McMillan has been delivering Nationally Recognised Training to satisfied clients in Australia for over 20 years and we are totally committed to providing you with a rewarding learning experience.

Qualifications Available

McMillan offers a wide range of qualifications to suit your needs or that of your employees.

Certificate III in Business Administration - BSB30415
Certificate IV in Business Administration - BSB40515

Certificate III in Business - BSB30115
Certificate IV in Business - BSB40215
Diploma of Business - BSB50215

Certificate IV in Customer Engagement - BSB40315
Certificate IV in Business Sales - BSB40615

Certificate III in Government - PSP30116
Certificate IV in Government - PSP40116
Diploma of Government - PSP50116

Certificate IV in Human Resources - BSB41015
Diploma of Human Resource Management - BSB50615

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management - BSB42015
Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB51915

Certificate IV in Project Management Practice - BSB41515
Diploma of Project Management - BSB51415

Certificate IV in Risk Management Essentials - 10549NAT
Diploma of Risk Management and Business Continuity - 10332NAT
Advanced Diploma of Governance, Risk and Compliance - 10333NAT

Certificate III in Recordkeeping - BSB30815
Certificate IV in Recordkeeping - BSB41715
Diploma of Recordkeeping - BSB51715

Advanced Diploma of Recordkeeping - BSB60815
Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB51915
Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB61015

Training and Assessment Strategy

McMillan can deliver these qualifications to individuals or workplace groups.  More information

  • Individuals will be supported with regular face to face coaching and assessment support.
  • Workplace groups can receive training conducted in workshop format.


Traineeships are a Commonwealth initiative to assist with the costs related to undertaking a qualification. To find out more information click here.

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Participants attending McMillan courses will experience a different kind of learning that produces transformation in not only their attitude but also in the way they apply the information.


McMillan can tailor and customise all of our Qualifications and Short Courses to ensure that students understand the direct application of learning and have a great impact directly in the Department.

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