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Frequently Asked Questions - Career Consultancy

Frequently Asked Questions


I haven’t updated my CV in 20 years – can you help?

Of course! McMillan has personnel who specialize in working with you to update your CV.  We offer one on one, one hour sessions to go through your CV, look at the type of positions you are applying for and work together to update your CV.

I’ve taken a VR, what can I do now?

Now you’ve taken this big step, McMillan can offer services to help guide you in the next steps of your career.  We offer a number of services that we will tailor to suit the individual. For example McMillan’s Career Transition program is designed for individuals whose position have become redundant and require the skills to find another job.

Can you help me respond to Selection Criteria?

Yes! McMillan has worked with hundreds of public servants to assist them in writing successful responses to selection criteria. Our methods are driven by extensive consultation with APS executives who tell us what they look for in a successful selection criteria response.

What course/learning will help my career direction?

Depending on your circumstances McMillan can assist you with driving your career to the next stage.

  • If you’re striving to secure that next promotion then our Career Coaching program can assist you with the skills required to evaluate and assess your skills, align them to the role, and articulate them to your managers to demonstrate that you’re ready.
  • If your role has been effected by change and you find yourself looking for another role, then the McMillan Career Transition program can provide the skills to successfully identify your transferable skills and competencies and assist you in presenting them in a manner that align them to a new role.
  • If your role has been effected by change and you’re looking for opportunities to break into new vocational fields, then the McMillan Career Management program can provide you with training to develop a new, or update an existing, skillset. The Career Management program will also assist you in presenting the new skills in a manner that align them to a new role.

I’m no good at interviews, can you help me to prepare?

Interviews are often daunting to some people and McMillan can work with individuals to help guide them through some steps and methods on overcoming nerves, preparing yourself mental and physically, as well as preparing answers to common questions. Opportunity for practice can also be provided for you, if required.

My department said they’d fund some career services for my VR.

That’s great! Check our career consultancy section on the website to see the services available to suit your needs.

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