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Career Management

Career Management

McMillan’s Career Management program is designed for individuals whose position have become redundant and require the skills to find another job as well as the skills and competencies to transition into another role.

In cases where individuals become specialised in a role and that role becomes redundant the individuals finds themselves without a job and without the skills to transition in a mainstream role.

In these cases organisations want to support their former employees to assist them in a developing and broadening their employability skills.

This program will assist individuals with preparing a powerful resume, writing letters of application, preparing for job interviews and developing strategies for finding job opportunities. This program will also work with the individual to provide training, assessment and support in achieving a business qualification.

This  program initially focusses on developing the skills and tools to access the job market and then provides coaching sessions that focus on achieving the business qualification chosen.

Individuals have access to online or hardcopy resources and tools to assist them achieve their qualification.

Benefits for an organisation

  • Support staff through difficult transitions
  • An increase in goodwill from the affected individuals and the community
  • An increase in morale from unaffected staff who see that former colleagues are being supported

Benefits for individuals

  • Up-to-date job search skills
  • Greater employability through training
  • Increased success in securing another position
  • Reduction is feelings of abandonment and isolation


Coaching, instruction and support for:

  • Job Resume writing
  • Application letter writing
  • Addressing selection criteria
  • Interview skills
  • Job search strategies
  • Training, assessment, support and issue of a nationally recognised qualification


12 hours (the 12 hours can be spent in multiple hour long sessions to suit your availability and needs)



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