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Tips for Team Cohesion

team cohesionsmlSix Top Tips for Team Cohesion




  • Clear Expectations:
    • Do you have a clear understanding of the expectations of your team? It’s important that as a team you discuss and agree what these are to understand and appreciate each other’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Context:
    • Do team members understand how their role adds to the whole and how each individual will help the organisation attain its business goals?
    • Team members need to be able to define their team's importance to the accomplishment of corporate goals.  Understanding where the teams’ work fits in the total context of the organisation's goals, principles, vision and values is important.
  • Competence:
    • Does the team feel that it has the appropriate people participating? Does the team feel that its members have the knowledge, skill and capability to address the issues for which the team was formed? If not, does the team have access to the help it needs? Does the team feel it has the resources, strategies and support needed to accomplish its mission?
  • Control:
    • Does the team have enough freedom and empowerment to feel the ownership necessary to accomplish its goals? This should be clearly defined in all scope documents to ensure that this is the case.
  • Collaboration:
    • Does the team understand team and group process? Do members understand the stages of group development?
    • Have you discussed how the team will approach problem solving, process improvement, goal setting and measurement jointly? These are important strategies to discuss and agree on early before the team becomes merely a group of individuals.
  • Communication:
    • What communication strategies are in place in your team? How do you communicate changes, priorities, when things go wrong? How can you encourage honest and timely input?

Spending time asking yourself these questions will assist in the cohesion of your work teams. Once you get it right, your team members will love you, your business will soar, and empowered people will "own" and be responsible for their work processes.

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