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Be a Better Employee

girl at deskBe a Better Employee

We all want to be better employees. For some being a better employee is about achieving a sense of belonging here; being part of the team. For others, it’s about being able to take a leadership role in the team. Or it may be about achieving a feeling of being able to make a real difference in your role; to create, innovate and improve.

Being a better employee will help you improve the quality of your work, drive your career and gain recognition.

There are many ways we can look at our own professional development. A nice, pragmatic, way to self-reflect on how effective we are is to ask ourselves some important questions.


If we want to be a better employee, the first question we need to ask ourselves is, “What support do I need from the organisation to do my best?”

To answer this question we need to consider subsequent questions such as, “Do I know what is expected of me?” “Do I have the tools to do the job?” “Do I know how I’m going?” If we answer no to any of these questions then we need to initiate a conversation with the people who can help us answer these questions.


The second question to ask ourselves is, “Is my ability up to the level required to do my best?”

Asking ourselves this question will lead us to consider factors such as, “What knowledge and skills do I need to do better in my job now?” “Do I have gaps in my current skills that need to be bridged now?”  “Do I have the knowledge and skills required to step up now or in the future?”


Finally, the third question should be, “What is my effort like?’

Effort can be influenced by how valuable or important we perceive the task or job to be, and how strongly we believe we can achieve it. For example, if a job comes up that you really want and you truly believe you can win it, then you’re more likely to put in the effort required than if you didn’t want the job or you didn’t believe you could win it.

So, if we want to increase our effort we need to identify why it’s important to us and to reduce the barriers that we perceive to be holding us back from achieving it. We need to ask ourselves, “how valuable or important do I perceive this job to be?” ”What is it about this job or task that make it important to me?” “Do I honestly believe I can be better?” “If not, what’s stopping me and what can I do about it?”

Continually assessing and improving our ability and efforts, as well as ensuring we are identifying and gathering the support that we require will help us to make the transition from a good employee to a great employee.

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