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McMillan employees shed light on topical training and career services information

USI Update

The Australian Government Unique Student Identifier (USI) initiative is continuing to roll out, with over 3.8 Million USI's being created.  Whilst lots of work is being done by students and RTO's to create and verify the USI's the Australian Government has also continued to undertake developments.
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New Funding Opportunities in the ACT

ACT User Choice Funding, that McMillan as an RTO can obtain, is now including existing workers in their funding discounts. This means that for many qualification programs we deliver, we can now discount our fees for all existing workers, not just new workers!
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Excelling in the workplace

What do successful people – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, etc – all share in common? Through specialising and excelling in different fields, all have one thing in common: They have demonstrated a refusal to rest on their achievements and instead have strived to continually achieve new heights.
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Be a Better Employee

We all want to be better employees. For some being a better employee is about achieving a sense of belonging here; being part of the team. For others, it’s about being able to take a leadership role in the team. Or it may be about achieving a feeling of being able to make a real difference in your role; to create, innovate and improve.
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Career Change Jitters

Career change is a big step for anyone, angst and fear can hold people back from choosing to make a change. The fear of the unknown holds us back and is a big factor in sticking with what we know, but there are a number of things we can do to greatly reduce the unknown factors to make sure that we apply a strategic approach to career change.
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Set a Career Goal Now!

I think it is fair to say that the majority of us strive to produce quality outcomes in our work. Focus is a crucial key to ensure you do end up with a quality outcome.  Setting a Career Goal is a great way to help you focus.
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Six Top Tips for Team Cohesion

Spending time asking yourself these questions will assist in the cohesion of your work teams. Once you get it right, your team members will love you, your business will  soar, and empowered people will "own" and be responsible for their work processes.
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How a Voluntary Redundancy can help your career

Have you been in the passenger seat for too long? Have you ever asked yourself, how did I get here? Now may just be the time you have been waiting for to go out and knock on the door of opportunity.
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The best aspects were getting the people in the room to participate and encouraging each and every one to present and share their viewpoint on the table

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