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McMillan Staff Development is a leader in the fields of training and development throughout Australia

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Our goal is to work with businesses to help them build individual and organisational effectiveness.  We do this through delivering results-based training that is underpinned by national standards.

Of all the providers I have worked with, McMillan Staff Development delivered the best value for money and provided the most professional and high quality service. I cannot recommend them highly enough for similar engagements.


McMillan can facilitate interactive face-to-face workshops. The delivery of the workshop will involve a range of delivery strategies including lecture style and role-plays, projects and case studies .

At the time of the training, we encountered a lot of different situations due to an unstable work environment. I would like to thank everyone at McMillan Staff Development for their patience and help to really understand what was happening on our site.


Traineeships attract financial assistance to help reduce the cost of qualifications.

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